Sending reports

Laboratory 1 - Installing MASM 6.14 with Programmers Workbench environment.

Laboratory 1.a. - Installing MASM 32.

Laboratory 2 - Programming and Debugging tools.
  File Lab2.asm for Laboratory 2

Laboratory 3 - Simple MS-DOS program assembling and debugging.
  File Lab3-1.asm for Laboratory 3
  File Lab3-2.asm for Laboratory 3
  File Lab3-3.asm for Laboratory 3
  File Lab3-4.asm for Laboratory 3
  File Lab3-5.asm for Laboratory 3
  File Lab3-6.asm for Laboratory 3

Laboratory 4 - Program segments, INVOKE and PROC directives.
  File Lab4.asm for Laboratory 4

Laboratory 5 - Procedures, macros.
  File Lab5.asm for Laboratory 5

Laboratory 6 - Interrupts handling.
  File Lab6-1.asm for Laboratory 6
  File Lab6-2.asm for Laboratory 6

Laboratory 7 - Programming assembler in MS Visual Studio 2005 (obsolete, works till 2008 only).
  File Usertype.dat for Laboratory 7

Laboratory 8 - Programming assembler in MS Visual Studio 2013 in x64.
  File lab8 VS 2013.zip - Sample solution for Laboratory 8 (Visual Studio 2013)

Laboratory 9 - Integrating .NET and assembler x64 in MS Visual Studio 2013.
  File lab9 empty solution VS 2013.zip - Template for laboratory 9 - an empty solution composed of two integrated projects: WPF UI and x64 asm DLL in Visual Studio 2013.
  File lab9 float add sample VS 2013.zip - Sample fully working solution on adding two floats composed of two integrated projects WPF UI and x64 asm DLL in Visual Studio 2013.

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